Bobcatsss Association community meeting

20 January 2021 16:00 CET
Was in Zoom

It is open for anyone to participate with a low threshold – just come. There is a (remote) chance of voting for the new board members.
In order to be allowed to vote (not only to participate),
please register to me paavo dot arvola at tuni dot fi,
with your name and affiliation on or before January 20th.


  1. Welcome (chair: Paavo Arvola)
  2. Review of the activities in 2020 (chair: Paavo Arvola)
    • Board issues
    • Web page and other media
    • Strategic and action plan
  3. Board term
    • Suggestion: new board starts annually after the BC conference
  4. Board election for EUCLID/Bobcatsss Association
    Candidates and board size (currently 7)
  5. Future BOBCATSSS
    Bobcatsss 2022.
    Open call for organizing BOBCATSSS 2023
  1. Other issues