Strategic & Action Plan

Our Association will be guided by a strategic and action plan covering the years 2020 to 2024 developed as follows:

Strategic plan

  1. Facilitate research, and publication and dissemination of research results on LIS education and curriculum.
  2. Facilitate collaboration and networking: Organize events to create opportunities to bring members together to discuss developments, challenges, and solutions regarding LIS education.
  3. Develop and foster cooperation and collaboration with members, partner institutions and other associations and organizations, such as iSchools, UNESCO, IFLA, EBLIDA, InLitAs, ALISE, national associations, etc.

Action Plan

  1. Continue to support BOBCATSSS and organize other events
    • Sketch recommendations and guides for organizers
    • Suggest conference tools 
    • Create a protocol for selecting the organizers 
    • Organize an annual summer school
  2. Improve data management
    • Develop a members’ database.
    • Create an e-archive for conference proceedings.
  3. Increase visibility of our association by:
    • Publishing our Newsletter twice in a year and distributing it widely.
    • Increase number of members (incl. outside Europe)
    • Council Meeting minutes and Board Meeting minutes on the website for transparency
  4. Develop effective communication strategies for members.
    • Discussion forum for the board
    • Blog with discussion for the members
  5. Legal status
    • sound and transparent fiscal management.